So I came across a writeup on why you shouldn’t do kettlebells by Tom Basson, but after reading it, I wanted to get off my butt and go do another class.

There’s no denying it – kettlebells are so hot right now! Everyone and their dog seems to be swinging the ‘ole bells these days, and I am no exception.

For a while now I have become disillusioned with “gym” in general. I usually start out OK but after 2 months or so I become bored out of my mind, and don’t seem to see the results I’d hoped for. And so, for just over a month now I’ve been doing kettlebells (or as my wife likes to call them “Kettle-hells“) at a place called Flux Motion in Umhlanga.

And after a month of testing and experiencing the devastating results, here are 4 indisputable reasons why you should never do kettlebells…

1) Kettlebells Won’t Make You Big, They’ll Make You Strong

If you’re after “big guns”, spray on tan, ridiculously small speedos, and looking like a big pile of inverted trapezoids, then kettlebells are not for you.However, because it works your entire body as a unit, and because it is one of the best fat-burning exercises around, it will make you hard, lean, fast, and strong. But not freaky huge. Or tanned.

2) Kettlebells Will Hurt You… Badly.

When I rocked up for my first class I thought I was in pretty good shape and reasonably fit. Well… let’s just say that for three days afterwards I had to use specialised equipment just to get on and off the toilet! Muscles I didn’t know I had hurt in places I’m embarrassed to mention. It was ugly. So, if you don’t like short term pain for long term gain, stay away from the bells.

3) Kettlebells Will Correct Your Imbalances

We all have movement and muscle imbalances and asymmetries. Some fewer than others – like people who use kettlebells, for instance. And because it incorporates all your muscle groups in a functional and natural way, you don’t end up looking like someone who has done far too much upper body work and not enough lower body work. So, if you’re still into claiming massages from your girlfriend because your back is sore (again), don’t use kettlebells to fix your body. I’m sure you wouldn’t like how good it feels to know that your body is working exactly how it was intended to.

4) Kettlebells Won’t Allow You To Slack

If you’re into cruising the treadmill at a casual Level 5 and spending more time in the steam bath then in the gym, then I suggest you stay well clear of kettlebells. Because Flux Motion is all about classes, and because there’s always a trainer pushing you in those classes, it’s almost impossible to slack. And, because those classes are never the same, it never gets boring. Plus, it’s a fun “skill” to pick up.

The days of exercising simply to “look good” are out – pick up a kettlebell and join the revolution!

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